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BAL Report

This Assessment contains a site visit, to determine your Bushfire Attack Level and provide you with a full report to comply with AS3959-2018 that can be submitted to council with your Planning Permit or Building Permit.

2 days or less to complete your report

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Only $159Preliminary Rating

Bushfire attack levels have confused the process of looking for land. When looking at different sites the costs become unclear because of the BAL rating, for only $159 we can review up to 5 different potential sites, we can then give advice on what sites should be avoided.

2 days to complete your report

5 sites reviewed and rated

Bal Assessment WA

Our Perth business has a single objective, to save lives, the life of yourself and your family, Western Australia is confronted with a hotter climate and ever greater fire seasons.
During a major bushfire it would be unlikely to have a fire truck at every home, in fact you would be blessed to have a fire truck for the entire road.

If you live in bushfire prone area it is extremely important that you prepare your home to the Australian Standards 3959-2009 to increases the likelihood of sheltering in your home as the fire passes.
We aim to deliver our clients with affordable bal assessment WA that have been conducted by Accredited professionals.
All BAL bushfire attack level assessments are performed by bushfire consultants to achieve the lowest BAL rating that complies to AS3959-2018.

Anyone who is inside the bushfire prone area who plans to build a new home,
make alterations to an existing structure or build additions will need a bushfire
attack level assessment prepared by a professional.

View a Demo Bushfire Attack Level Report - BAL here.

Builder did your bushfire assessment?

BAL reports done by builders can contain errors, we have a free service to review any bushfire assessment and then give some free guidance that might lower your rating. The amount to comply with higher ratings could be $10,000 or more. Just email us a copy of your report with your best contact number and we will give you a call once the review is done. Why take the risk.

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Who needs an BAL assessment in Perth?

Anyone who is inside the bushfire prone area who plans to build a new home, make alterations to an existing structure or build additions will need a bushfire attack level prepared by a professional bushfire consultant. Any application in a designated bushfire prone area (as observed In the bushfire prone map) has a requirement to include a BAL assessment.

BAL assessment - The Science of Wildfires

Learn how to protech your home from bushfire without a BAL assessment

Who Is Exempt from a bushfire assessment in Western Australia?

Anyone outside the bushfire prone area and anyone who is building a single house on a lot/s less than 1,100m2 will not need a BAL report for planning, even if you’re going to build in a bushfire prone area.
However, the building permit approval process can still require a BAL assessment in limited cases. For further information on building permits process please contact your local government. If you are in a zone where a local planning scheme doesn’t apply then you will also not need to undertake a BAL assessment.

Bal assessment cost associated with different levels

The cost associated with building your house to comply with the new standard can vary greatly for each BAL level and even builder to builder. Before making an offer on any land you plan to build on, particularly in a rural setting it is very important you have an understanding of what your BAL might be and the costs that are required to comply with AS3959. Please contact us for FREE advice before placing an offer,.

BAL 12.5 - +$3,000 to $6,000
BAL 19 - +$6,000 to $11,000
BAL 29 - +$11,000 to $20,000
BAL 40 - +$20,000 to $30,000
BAL FZ - +$50,000 to $150,000

Once you have determined your bushfire attack level rating (BAL) then you can ask your builder to outline the different costs associated with the ratings. Please email us any information that your builders has given you, we are currently making a list of different builders and the costs they have to comply with all bushfire attack levels

BAL rating Flame zone and BAL 40 explained

Time and time again, we are asked about the difference between the fire ratings of Flames End and Bal 40. The Bal ratings relate to the anticipated bushfire tech level for a particular site. Bal Flame Zone is the most extreme exposure to bushfire. Bal 40 is the second highest level, however it should be remembered that Flame Zone will be over double the heat exposure to that of Bal 40. For Flame Zone assists sites, only products tested to the Flame Zone standard should be used. Using products tested to this standard will ensure that your home has the best possible protection against a bushfire.
Products tested to Bal 40 will not substitute for Flame Zone applications. The biggest misconception out there is that Bal 40 windows used in conjunction with other products will meet the Flame Zone requirements. This simply is not true. In protecting your home, you're not only talking about safeguarding your house but also your photographs, your memories, your pets, your family and everything that home means to you. Is it worth the risk using anything other than tested systems?

Do you have the correct level of insurance

The average cost of rebuilding homes has naturally increased over time particularly with the changes to the national building code that was amended in 2010 after the Black Saturday fires. An average home that might cost $200,000 to build could potentially cost double if the home has a bushfire rating of BAL-FZ (the highest rating given under AS3959).

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